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Thursday, 9 July 2009


Hey guys, just thought i would do a very quick post of what I'm wearing today and how i have my make up as i did something slightly different. I decided to use my MAC mixing medium, so i reached for my barry m dazzle dust in number 94(a teal colour-heart this!!) and line my lower lash line to make my eye colour 'POP' (i don't like that expression!) I used my MAC 208 brush to achieve this look :) i hope you all have a lovely day lovely's!

Monday, 6 July 2009

Battle of the tinted moisturizer's

Hello my Lovely's, as you all know I am a BIG fan of TM'S. They are the staple part of my face routine everyday. I prefer TM'S to foundation as i hate the feel of anything heavy on my skin and in all honestly i don't need much cover as my skin is usually quite clear. You might think that I'm lucky but my clear skin now hasn't always been the case. I suffered with bad skin from the ages on 13-15. I didn't have acne but my face was just covered in horrible spots. Remembering how conscience i was of my skin and how i used to worry all the time makes me feel so thankful that i have good skin now! When my skin was bad, you named it, i tried EVERY possible spot fighting lotion and potion, i even used to used special spot cream that i got perscribed from my doctor. To be honest i think my bad skin was down to puberty and my body changing. My skin has been the way it is now for about 3 years. I still do get the odd spot when it's 'the time of the month' but other than that i just really want a nice light coverage for my skin. I do however suffer from backheads. They are gross full stop so i do like to cover them up so thats where TM comes in handy. As you also all know the Laura Merrcier TM is what i have been banging on about for the last few months. Yes the Lm in my opinion is brilliant. It does exactatly what i want it too do but if i had bad skin or skin that i wasnt completely confident with i dont think i would love it as much. In my opinion the only downside to this 'wonder' product is the rather heafty price tag. I am a student and i really can't afford the £35 that it costs, but i must say i have had it for about 3 months and there is still quite alot of product in it. I get the oil free one as my t-zone can get shiny. The shade i use is 'Sand'. This colour only looks its best and right on me if i use fake tan and i have been lacking on the fake tan front at the moment so its a bit too dark for me. If you are my skin colour i would definately recommend the 'Nude' which is a shade lighter to mine.
In the past 2 weeks i have been testing out two other TM to see if i can find a cheaper alternative. The first one i got was the 'Nivea visage tinted moisturising day cream' It costs around £3.50 and you can get it from Boots or superdrug.The colour is 'natural' and it claims to suit 'all skin types. This is where i disagree. From the pictures i have put up, it is the middle shade on my hand. It has a kind of pinky tinge to it but when its blended onto the face it looks alot more natural. Against the LM, the nivea looks more cakey on the skin but the LM gives a better coverage. To be honest though, for £3.50 you cant really go wrong if you want to try a tinted mouisturizer. I used it for 2 days of work that i did and it lasted the whole day. The last product I'm going to talk about is a new favourite. I have always been interested in trying it out so i got a sample and i have been using it all week. The product is 'Benefit's you rebel' in the shade 'light'. I heart this product. It costs about £20 and has an spf of 15(LM is spf 20 and the nivea one has NO spf) This gives a REALLY light coverage, virtually none BUT it gives your skin just a really lovely healthy glow and it really does feel like you have nothing on your skin. It also has a nice smell and from the pictures you will see the colour difference and texture it has to the other to products. The LM and the nivea have a more thicker, foundation like look to them, where as the Benefit looks more whipped and light. Out of the three i would say the Lm is best if you want a better coverage and even though its expensive i honestly cant fault it and because i like it that much I'm trying to ignor the price tag! If you just want a light, healthy looking glow i would REALLY recommend the Benefit one, it's a lovely product! If you are just starting out with TM'S i would recommend trying the nivea one, and if you need an oil free version try the nives 'young' TM. I hope you all found this helpful-each one of these products are good whatever budget you have!
Lots of love xoxo

Friday, 26 June 2009

My top 5 tear jerker's :'(

After reading Daisy's new post(cupcakes and cherries) i decided to share my top 5 'films that make me hysterical'! Like her 'The Notebook" is in my five, i literally cant watch that film without bursting into tears about how beautiful the love they have for each other is!
So my number 1 is:
'The Notebook"

My number 2 is:
"A walk to Remember"
This film is too sad, basically Mandy Moore plays this girl who is dying and she is the nerd of the school. The guy in it is the 'cool' guy at school and makes fun out of her but then they fall in love(the usual American story!) and she then dies. Again i am hysterical in this film!

My number 3 is:
"Once apon a forest"
I have only watched this film once as i cryed wayyyy to much! I watched it when i was younger and its basically about all these little animals who loose there mummys and daddys because a truck crashes into the forest and lets off poisonous gas. Sounds horrible doesnt it, and it really is so i wouldnt recommend watching it!

My number 4 is:
"My Girl"
I loveeee this film, even though it makes me cry it was ALWAYS a favorite when i was growing up. I would definately recommend watching this if you havnt :)

Finally my number 5 is a disney one....again this film is too sad for me and i cant watch it!
"The fox and the hound"
This film is soooooo sad, its about a fox and a hound and they want to be best friends but they cant and eventually have to fight each other. When my Mummy left my Daddy in charge for the first time one w/e when i was little he put this on thinking i would enjoy it. Minutes later he came back in as i was hysterically crying and had to spend the rest of the evening calming me down!

So what are your top 5 tear jerker's?


Thursday, 18 June 2009


I was tagged by the GORGEOUS Ella-
Thank you so much for tagging me, reading through this has made me aware of products that i don't really know much about so i found it really helpful :) I know it is long but i hope all of my lovely followers enjoy reading this!

How long have you been using Mac?
I've been properly using MAC for about the last year, but i got my first MAC shadows when i was about 16 from my mummy!
What was your first Mac product?
two MAC eyeshadows- gorgeous gold and a purple one but i have NO CLUE what that one was called :(
What's your all time favourite Mac product?
MAC well dressed blush and sable e/s
What's your least favourite Mac product?
I havnt bought something that i dont like yet :)
Do you own a Pro Card?
NO :( and it makes me sad as i reallllllllllly want one...IMATS next year?!
Your Mac foundation shade:
NW20-NW25 :)
Your favourite Mac-Foundation:
Studio Fix Fluid
angel and hue
Underage and bare necessity
134- I LOVE YOU!
Nail Lacquer:
peppermint patti
Pro Product:
Empty Pan Palettes!

Prep + Prime Skin:
never used!
Full Coverage Foundation:
never used- i dont like heavy foundations
Studio Sculpt Foundation:
never used
Face + Body Foundation:
Never used.
Mineralize Satin Finish:
Never used
Studio Fix Fluid:
I use this on nights out :)
Hyper Real Foundation:
Never used.
Select SPF15 Foundation:
never used
Studio Tech Foundation:
Never used.
Studio Fix Powder:
never used
Studio Stick:
never used
Hyper Real Pressed Foundation:
Never used.
Beauty Powder:
never used....i dont really get them?!
Sculpting Powder:
Never used.
Shaping Powder:
Never used.
Loose Blot Powder:
never used
Pressed Blot Powder:
never used
Mineralize Skinfinish Natural:
Mineralize Skinfinsh:
perfect topping for now, i cant wait till the colour craf collection comes out eeeeee!!!
Bronzing Powder:
Ive tried the matt bronzing powder before-its ok but no NARS laguna!
Powder Blush:
I LOVE well dressed and fleur power
never tried but am thinking of trying lady blush?
Mineralize Blush:
Gel Blush:
Never tried
Cream Color Base:
Never tried but shell is on my wish list
Studio Sculpt Concealer:
Never used.
Select Cover Up Concealer:
never tried
Select Moisture cover Concealer:
Never used.
Studio Finish Concealer:
i LOVE this concealer
Studio Stick:
Never used.
Lip Erase:
Never used.
Tinted Lip Conditioner:
I have popster from the hello kitty collection
See Thru Lip Color:
Never used
I really like these- i have bare necessity's
Cremesheen Glass:
Never used.
Lip Gelee:
never used
Lip Pencil:
i have never worn lip liner!
Solar Bits:
missd these :(
Nail Lacquer:
never used
never used
never used
Paint Pots:
I LOVE rubenesque
Eye Shadow:
i LOVE mac e/s- they are what i have the most of in my MAC collection :)
i have mutiny
never used but would like to try!
Eye Kohl:
feline, i like it :)
Never tried.
i have never tried but its on my wish list!
Liquid Last Liner:
Never used
Lustre Drops:
never used
False Lashes:
i love MAC false eyelashes-they are GORGE!
ProLash Mascara,Zoom Lash Mascara,Plush Lash Mascara, Dazzle Lash Mascara:
I have tried plush and pro and tbh they wernt that great!
What has been your favourite Mac collection to date?
hmmmm i havnt been around for many collections but Im very exited about the colour craft collection- i feel like i have really missed out n all the previous ones :(
Which Mac collection, in your opinion, do you think was disappointing, if any?
Rose Romance-just a bit blahh
What products do you think Mac are missing?
a good bronzer and more mineralized skin finishes!!

Monday, 15 June 2009


Hello girlies! I'm really trying to get into my blog and i alwaaaaays enjoy reading and looking at piccy's from other people's FOTD, so I'm going to start doing these alot more often (when i do a new look!) Even though my eyeliner is the same as usual, i really like this combo as its different to my usual MAC 'all that glitters' look.
Im wearing my normal face routine of LM tinted mouisturizer in sand, MAC studio finish concealer in NW20, MAC mineralized skin finish natural in meduim and NARS laguna bronzer.

On my cheeks i used MAC 'da bling' e/s as a blush and the MAC fleur power to add an extra pop of colour.

Now onto my eyes :)
I used my usual UDPP as a base and then i reached for a barry m dazzledust in a fave colour of mine which is 'mushroom' no.51. I then used MAC satin taupe in the crease and Revlon's wild orchid eyeshadow cream palette (the lightest one) on my inner corner. As a highlight on my brow bone i used MAC phloof and then finished the look my my usual flick and copious amounts of ysl 'faux cills' mascara. I think this look is really pretty on the eyes and i hope you all like it, speak to you soon! xoxo

Sunday, 14 June 2009


Hello girlies, This is my first FOTD blogs i have ever done but i always enjoy reading them so i thought i would do one myself. Today i went to the park with my mum and doggy and we had a little pinic. I'm really into going to the park at the moment, yesterday i went with my friend to Hyde park in London and it was sooo much fun!
So back to my FOTD:
on my face i used the usual combo of:
LM tinted moisturizer in sand
MAC studio finish concealer NW20
MAC mineralized skin finish natural in meduim
MAC blush in well dressed and fleur power
MAC mineralized blush in moon river (the light side)
NARS laguna bronzer

MAC all that glitters (all over the lid)
MAC sable (in the crease)
MAC phloof (brow bone)
RIMMEL exaggerated eyeline in black
YSL faux cills mascara in black

BLISTEX relief cream
GOSH darling
MAC dazzleglass in bare necessity's

I hope you all like this, i think its a really simple easy to wear look :)

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

new purchases

hey girlies, so I'm all finished uni for the summer, I'm settled back at home (YEY in London again!) and i have NO job i.e: i can't buy anything.......I hate being a student.
So this past week i have been treking all around the shops and high streets near me to find a full time job (woo) and i had a job interview today which went ok and i have one tomorrow which i am waaaaay more exited about as i really like this clothes shop! I used to work in Karen Millen so I'm hoping that I have a chance in getting it as it's a higher end of the high street shop (i hope that made sense, I'm ridiculosy tired!!)
So anyway the MAC style warriors collection came out which i was rather exited about as i LOVE the packaging. It's not to everyones taste but for me i like a bit of animal print and i think tacky is cool. As i have no money i have been feeling pretty sorry for myself so my mum treated me to one of the products (YEYEYEY!!)
So i chose the bronzer in solar riche. It's a really pretty brown with reddy/pink undertones which i rather like. I think it will look nicer once i have a bit more colour on my face, thank you so much mummy :)
Then because i had 6 items to take back to MAC i chose snob lipstick. It has a satin finish which i feel is quite drying but it's definately worth it for the colour. If you like similar lipsticks to me, such as MAC angel or way to love then i definately think you should go and check this one out.
My lovely mummy also treated me to a bag i have been searching for FOREVS which i didnt think that i would ever be able to find (but i did!!) and its this gorgeous floral white clutch from topshop. I absolutely LOVE it <3
It really reminds me of a Gucci design that they did about 3 or 4 years ago, what do you think?
Finally i am going to dye the hair again, the usual chocolate brown colour- i absolutely LOVEEEE L'oreal's casting cream gloss and the one i chose this time is number 530 in Praline

anyway girls i hope your having a lovely day and I'll see you all soon xoxo

Monday, 1 June 2009


Hello everyone, I'm so sorry for the neglecting that has been going on!! I have had sooooo much uni work to do and that has literally been my life for the last few weeks BUT fear not, I am now finished for the summer and all work is handed in-YEY!!! soooo expect lots of video requests to be up soon on my YT page (hollymae20), I'm so exited!!!
So first things first, I'm going to to my ups and downs at the moment :)

finishing all my uni work for the summer YEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LM oil free tinited moisturiser in sand.....i HEART this product too much
MAC sable e/s...where has this been all my life
fruit pastle ice lollies...yum yum yummm
finishing my second year of uni wooooo
seeing my fave dj twice this week...MATTER on friday i cant wait!
MARC JACOBS daisy perfume
MAC well dressed, then a touch of fleur power to add a bit more of a 'pop' and the light side of moon river as a gorgeous togeths!
my gold plaited leather sandals from topshop
going out loads this week with my friendies :)

omg going into my final yr at uni soon...where did the time go?!!!
this heat wave....nice but toooo hot to be inside!
saying bye to some of my dear friendies who are in there final yr...wahhh
silly 'haters' on my YT account and now on here too......make up is really never going to look completely natural...this is a 'make up' channel...i dont think some weird people understand that.....JELOUSY is not attractive
having noooo money....job job jobbbb

I'm going to be missing this lovely lady :(
love you allll :D xxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 15 May 2009

Playing around with 'Mutiny' MAC pigment

Hello ladies!!! I just thought i would post up a quick blog, its been my 21st birthday week this week so i have been really busy with all the going outness and getting terribly drunk-will i ever learn???!!!! Also this week i have been trying out a few new eye make up looks-nothing too daring! but i really like them :D In this look i tried out my new pigment from MAC in 'Mutiny' from the Rose Romance collection and teamed it with MAC satin taupe, MAC shadowy lady, RIMMEL black liquid liner(the best liquid liner in my opinion!), BENEFIT kohl eyeliner in onyx, false eyelashes(optional) and My new FAVE mascara- YSL volume effect faux cils! What do all think? sorry for my unsmiliness!!! Would you like a YT tutorial on it? Love you all!! xoxo

Sunday, 10 May 2009


These are a couple of pictures of my new hair cut, i tried to do a few side shots but i kept missing my head!! I think I'm going to ask the bf to take some better ones but in the mean time i thought i would put up these!! I took this photo in with me and i had my hair done at toni and guy :D

Friday, 1 May 2009

hello my gorgeous followers :D hehe

OHMYGOD i just wanted to say how sorry i am for not updating this blog in what seems like years...tut tut holly!!! To begin with i want to say a maaaaaaassive thank you to all my new 'followers'- its so sweet of you and it makes me feel so good that people have taken an interest in what i have to say :D secondly the reason there has been no video action on my yt account is because in on holiday ROME!!! my dad lives out here so i've come over to see him for a few days, is lovely being relaxed for the first time in what seems like forevs! ALSO his gf got me this Sephora make up palette which is LOVEEEELY and im going to show you all on my yt tomorrow as im going shopping so there will hopefully be some other bits to share with you :D I just wanted to say that it was so nice coming on here and reading the lovely comments people have left, thank you everyone!!! I hope you are all having a nice bank holiday w/e-im off now to have some lovely Italian food made by my dad -love you all lots xoxo

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sunday blues...

Today my mum dropped me back at uni, i feel all sad now as i really didnt want to come back, but oh well-theres not a lot i can do! One good thing is that i got my loan today-yey i can feel rich again for 2 seconds until i realise all the money thats going to come out on rent and bills-bad times!! So this means that tomorrow i can do a tiny bit of treating :) I ordered a back up of MAC 'moon river' online the other day as i literally could not like a blush more than i like this one, i must say though i really have my eye on getting NARS 'deep throat', its a gorgeous colour!! Another happy thing is that i can see my boyfriend again-YEY! i havnt really seen him for the last two weeks so is nice being back in his company :)
Also im desperate to get a new perfume, my one is nearly up (juicy couture's) and  i really like the smell of MARC JACOBS 'daisy' and i also like PAUL SMITHS 'rose'-which i have had before!!!

Products I'm loving today:
MAC mineralized skin finish 'perfect topping'-its soooo pretty i can't stop looking at it!
MAC mineralized skin finish natural 'medium'-what the hell did i do without this!!!!
THE BODY SHOP we we we/oui oui oui lip butter-i want to eat it :)
My flower clips from ACCESSORIZE

I hope you have all had a good day, i definately be doing a blog tomorrow on what i get in town, wooooo xoxo 

Friday, 17 April 2009

MAC make up look

hey girls, i just thought i would post you up some pictures of how i have my make up today as i really like it! It's a really simple look and if you all like it i'll do a tutorial on youtube :)
My eyes:
GOSH waterproof eyeshadow stick in 'love that beige'-all over my eye area
MAC all that glitters eyeshadow-all over the lid
MAC brun-in the crease
MAC carbon-in the outer corner(the tiniest bit though!)
RIMMEL exaggerate eyeliner in black (line and flick on upper last line)
MAXFACTOR false lash effect mascara in black

My face:
LAURA MERCIER tinted moisturizer in sand
MAC studio finish concealer in NW20
MAC mineralized skin finish natural in medium
MAC mineralized skin finish in perfect topping
MAC mineralized blush in moon river
NARS bronzer in laguna

My lips:
BODY SHOP we we we lip balm
and finallllllly.....
MAC lipglass in underage

I hope you all like this simple everyday look xoxo

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

today i also did a tiny bit of shopping, as i've said in my video i realllllly want the benefit 'posietint' BUT its £22.50 which i don't have! sooo i decided to have a search around for a cheaper version. Now i knew that the brand MeMeMe thats sold in Superdrug do copies but i decided to go for 2 different ones.....i picked up the 'Collection 2000-The Cheek of it lip and cheek stain' for £4.99 and then as i was leaving i spotted this which was more like the 'posietint' that i wanted and it's by the brand '2true' also sold in superdrug. this product was £1.97!!!!! wow! I must say i'm realllllly pleased with it and i would recommend either products depending on your budget-i hope this helps girls xoxo

Hello everyone, ohhh it's been such a nice sunny day today, i love it when the weather is like this-it makes me feel all happy :D I hope everyone else has had a good day! This is a photo of how i looked today....
Haha im not smiling but i wanted to show you the dress i'm wearing-its from topshop and i LOVE it! It's like a t-shirt dress and its a really fine cotton with a floral print all over it-i LOVEEEEE floral :)

Monday, 13 April 2009

a few pictures....

These are a few photo's of me and i realllllly like my make up in them. I feel that the laura mercier tinted moisturizer in sand is the best thing ever because i feel that my face just glows-this is a silly photo of me and my boyfriend george the other day and then just a single shot of me.....i can't live without this product!!!! what do you all think? xoxo

mmmmm I'm so disappointed by the SMELL of this project........YUK
This is my second day of using it and i really hope that the colour will be sooooo good that i'll forget about the smell.....
I gave it too my mum to smell last night and she described it as having a real 'chemical' smell, not nice!
please let me know what you all think if you have tried this project before, personally i think I'm going to go back to my Dove summer body moisturizer as its smells LOVELY :D

Welcome to my new blog :)

Hello everyone, i have decided that i would prefer to have my video's and ramblings on here. I hope thats ok with everyone! ohhhhh now i can blog my heart out-YEY! this is my first video which os on youtube aswel......i sound like  small child, deary me. It's Easter Monday today and i feel rather gross-ate waaaaaay too much chocolate yesterday and feel all bloated because of it, naughty me! Anyway these are a few things that I'm desperate to get my hands on....please someone buy them for meeee hahahaa
My wish list:
bumble and bumble thickening spray
bumble and bumble sea salt spray
188 small duo fibre face brush
MAC mineralized skinfinish in Refined
YSL Rough Volupte in number 2 (sensual silk)
NARS Deep throat blusher