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Monday, 1 June 2009


Hello everyone, I'm so sorry for the neglecting that has been going on!! I have had sooooo much uni work to do and that has literally been my life for the last few weeks BUT fear not, I am now finished for the summer and all work is handed in-YEY!!! soooo expect lots of video requests to be up soon on my YT page (hollymae20), I'm so exited!!!
So first things first, I'm going to to my ups and downs at the moment :)

finishing all my uni work for the summer YEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LM oil free tinited moisturiser in sand.....i HEART this product too much
MAC sable e/s...where has this been all my life
fruit pastle ice lollies...yum yum yummm
finishing my second year of uni wooooo
seeing my fave dj twice this week...MATTER on friday i cant wait!
MARC JACOBS daisy perfume
MAC well dressed, then a touch of fleur power to add a bit more of a 'pop' and the light side of moon river as a gorgeous togeths!
my gold plaited leather sandals from topshop
going out loads this week with my friendies :)

omg going into my final yr at uni soon...where did the time go?!!!
this heat wave....nice but toooo hot to be inside!
saying bye to some of my dear friendies who are in there final yr...wahhh
silly 'haters' on my YT account and now on here too......make up is really never going to look completely natural...this is a 'make up' channel...i dont think some weird people understand that.....JELOUSY is not attractive
having noooo money....job job jobbbb

I'm going to be missing this lovely lady :(
love you allll :D xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Sorry to hear about the haters hun, rise above it. xo

  2. Acht there will always be haters. I loved your channel from the moment I found it. I think your one of the best on youtube. :) Looking forward to watching more of your videos. :) xxx

  3. Yay for finishing uni! I have 8 days left, arghhh! Make sure you tell us all about Matter please so I can get excited about it! :D xxx

  4. That's fab that you've finished your second year Holly :) & i'm loving the neon face paint!
    Omgosh..where have all these haters come from?
    Gah, jealousy certainly isn't pretty! Hope your uni work all went well. I'm sure i shall speak with you on twitter. :D
    Zoe xxx

  5. wait... you go to school in iowa??

  6. I've had sable for a while but my love for it has recently grown! I think it looks amazing on tanned skin. Love love love!

    Have just found your YouTube channel and have been watching all of your vids- you're lovely! Really enjoying watching them :)

  7. You get abuse? What a joke! People need to get out more..!


  8. holly your are far too talented to let these people if you can call them people get you down

    keep up the good work and *hugs*