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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

new purchases

hey girlies, so I'm all finished uni for the summer, I'm settled back at home (YEY in London again!) and i have NO job i.e: i can't buy anything.......I hate being a student.
So this past week i have been treking all around the shops and high streets near me to find a full time job (woo) and i had a job interview today which went ok and i have one tomorrow which i am waaaaay more exited about as i really like this clothes shop! I used to work in Karen Millen so I'm hoping that I have a chance in getting it as it's a higher end of the high street shop (i hope that made sense, I'm ridiculosy tired!!)
So anyway the MAC style warriors collection came out which i was rather exited about as i LOVE the packaging. It's not to everyones taste but for me i like a bit of animal print and i think tacky is cool. As i have no money i have been feeling pretty sorry for myself so my mum treated me to one of the products (YEYEYEY!!)
So i chose the bronzer in solar riche. It's a really pretty brown with reddy/pink undertones which i rather like. I think it will look nicer once i have a bit more colour on my face, thank you so much mummy :)
Then because i had 6 items to take back to MAC i chose snob lipstick. It has a satin finish which i feel is quite drying but it's definately worth it for the colour. If you like similar lipsticks to me, such as MAC angel or way to love then i definately think you should go and check this one out.
My lovely mummy also treated me to a bag i have been searching for FOREVS which i didnt think that i would ever be able to find (but i did!!) and its this gorgeous floral white clutch from topshop. I absolutely LOVE it <3
It really reminds me of a Gucci design that they did about 3 or 4 years ago, what do you think?
Finally i am going to dye the hair again, the usual chocolate brown colour- i absolutely LOVEEEE L'oreal's casting cream gloss and the one i chose this time is number 530 in Praline

anyway girls i hope your having a lovely day and I'll see you all soon xoxo


  1. I love the snob lipstick! I haven't got it yet but it's on my wishlist.

    My friend works in Karen Millen- her discount is fab. I'm sure you'll have a great chance of getting the job as Karen Millen has really high staff standards.

    Love your youtube vids by the way- don't let negative comments get you down. They're all obviously jealous!

  2. haha funnley enough i brought the excat same hair dye as you in the same brand! haha how wierd :) xooxx

  3. Oh I hope you get the job hun, it sucks when you can't buy what you want! I'm going to get my style warriors bits next week can't wait eee although I'm saving up for the color craft collection I want everything from it! Haha :) Could you follow me on twitter hun so you can see my tweets? I'm EllaCinderella, thanks :)

  4. lovely bag :)
    & i'm all for a bit of tacky animal print thats probably why i love the style warriors !:P

  5. Love the bag, so cute and boho.
    pop by my new blog if you get chance xx

  6. Hello and greetings from colorado :D I would just like to say that this is a really fun blog!I hope to see more :)

  7. The clutch bag is soo pretty! Great buy! xx

  8. Your blog is so cute! I'm going to try that L'oreal's casting cream gloss - love your haircolor- I'll let you know how it turns out-