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Monday, 13 April 2009

a few pictures....

These are a few photo's of me and i realllllly like my make up in them. I feel that the laura mercier tinted moisturizer in sand is the best thing ever because i feel that my face just glows-this is a silly photo of me and my boyfriend george the other day and then just a single shot of me.....i can't live without this product!!!! what do you all think? xoxo


  1. You and your BF are too cute! I really should try that tinted moisturizer since you've talked so highly about it and we seem to have the same skin tone!

    P.S-- how do you get your hair to poof like that in your first pic??

  2. i just back comb it and use hair spray-not that healthy for my hair but oh well! :D

  3. make up loooks stunninf lovein ya blogs

  4. Super pretty! love the overall make-up look ;) x

  5. Cute pics, you are gorgeous :)

    I have the laura mercier tinted moisturizer in sand too and it never looks that good on me - you have convinced me to get it out of hiding and give it one more go!!