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Thursday, 9 July 2009


Hey guys, just thought i would do a very quick post of what I'm wearing today and how i have my make up as i did something slightly different. I decided to use my MAC mixing medium, so i reached for my barry m dazzle dust in number 94(a teal colour-heart this!!) and line my lower lash line to make my eye colour 'POP' (i don't like that expression!) I used my MAC 208 brush to achieve this look :) i hope you all have a lovely day lovely's!

Monday, 6 July 2009

Battle of the tinted moisturizer's

Hello my Lovely's, as you all know I am a BIG fan of TM'S. They are the staple part of my face routine everyday. I prefer TM'S to foundation as i hate the feel of anything heavy on my skin and in all honestly i don't need much cover as my skin is usually quite clear. You might think that I'm lucky but my clear skin now hasn't always been the case. I suffered with bad skin from the ages on 13-15. I didn't have acne but my face was just covered in horrible spots. Remembering how conscience i was of my skin and how i used to worry all the time makes me feel so thankful that i have good skin now! When my skin was bad, you named it, i tried EVERY possible spot fighting lotion and potion, i even used to used special spot cream that i got perscribed from my doctor. To be honest i think my bad skin was down to puberty and my body changing. My skin has been the way it is now for about 3 years. I still do get the odd spot when it's 'the time of the month' but other than that i just really want a nice light coverage for my skin. I do however suffer from backheads. They are gross full stop so i do like to cover them up so thats where TM comes in handy. As you also all know the Laura Merrcier TM is what i have been banging on about for the last few months. Yes the Lm in my opinion is brilliant. It does exactatly what i want it too do but if i had bad skin or skin that i wasnt completely confident with i dont think i would love it as much. In my opinion the only downside to this 'wonder' product is the rather heafty price tag. I am a student and i really can't afford the £35 that it costs, but i must say i have had it for about 3 months and there is still quite alot of product in it. I get the oil free one as my t-zone can get shiny. The shade i use is 'Sand'. This colour only looks its best and right on me if i use fake tan and i have been lacking on the fake tan front at the moment so its a bit too dark for me. If you are my skin colour i would definately recommend the 'Nude' which is a shade lighter to mine.
In the past 2 weeks i have been testing out two other TM to see if i can find a cheaper alternative. The first one i got was the 'Nivea visage tinted moisturising day cream' It costs around £3.50 and you can get it from Boots or superdrug.The colour is 'natural' and it claims to suit 'all skin types. This is where i disagree. From the pictures i have put up, it is the middle shade on my hand. It has a kind of pinky tinge to it but when its blended onto the face it looks alot more natural. Against the LM, the nivea looks more cakey on the skin but the LM gives a better coverage. To be honest though, for £3.50 you cant really go wrong if you want to try a tinted mouisturizer. I used it for 2 days of work that i did and it lasted the whole day. The last product I'm going to talk about is a new favourite. I have always been interested in trying it out so i got a sample and i have been using it all week. The product is 'Benefit's you rebel' in the shade 'light'. I heart this product. It costs about £20 and has an spf of 15(LM is spf 20 and the nivea one has NO spf) This gives a REALLY light coverage, virtually none BUT it gives your skin just a really lovely healthy glow and it really does feel like you have nothing on your skin. It also has a nice smell and from the pictures you will see the colour difference and texture it has to the other to products. The LM and the nivea have a more thicker, foundation like look to them, where as the Benefit looks more whipped and light. Out of the three i would say the Lm is best if you want a better coverage and even though its expensive i honestly cant fault it and because i like it that much I'm trying to ignor the price tag! If you just want a light, healthy looking glow i would REALLY recommend the Benefit one, it's a lovely product! If you are just starting out with TM'S i would recommend trying the nivea one, and if you need an oil free version try the nives 'young' TM. I hope you all found this helpful-each one of these products are good whatever budget you have!
Lots of love xoxo