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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

HELLO New Life, Hello Kat Maconie

Hello Ladies

Just thought I would let you all know why I have been absent the last couple of weeks on Youtube-basically I have moved back to London and I'm living with my Mum. I have also started two new jobs, One being working as an intern for the shoe designer 'Kat Maconie' which I am absolutely L.O.V.E.

Check out her beautiful shoes, she's been quoted in Vogue as an 'up and coming designer' so watch out for her! With the likes of Ellie Goulding and Diana Vickers absolutely loving her shoes I know you ladies will love them too:

Let me know what you all think,


Hello ladies, my new weekly rambles

Portsmouth University feels like a distant blurry memory now I’m in the ‘Real World’. I would be lying if I said I was enjoying it right now.

It still all feels rather odd that I’m apparently an accomplished adult with my bundles of qualifications pouring out of my C.V but like hundreds and thousands of other graduates…

Was it really worth being in this humongous amount of debt plunged into a recession of a jobless world…Meh I don’t have an answer for that right now, I’ll get back to you on that one.

So like the million other me’s trying to adjust to this new lifestyle of my priorities not being when I’m going out next or where the Sambuca bottle is, I’m now slowly adapting to the working lifestyle of getting places at the right time and my new ‘Teacher’ figure is now a ‘Boss’.

The nostalgic feeling of mid September when a lump sum of the wonderful ‘Student Loan’ would appear like magic in my bank balance was now a distant memory of how many times the word ‘Topshop’ and the occasional ‘Asda’ sprouted on my bank statements was now just a letter to tell me how close I am to my over draft limit praying the end of the month would just Bl**dy hurry up to get my ‘Pay Check’. Those words light up my ears and that Chanel Bronzer, which is like a ticking time bomb in my brain can finally be purchased.

I WILL NEVER LEARN and I will always be in a bubble of expensive Make up and by God Tom Ford lipsticks and mulberry handbags will most definitely be the death of me!


Friday, 26 November 2010

MyFace MyMatch Powder - New Love!!

When it comes to face powders i literally cannot leave the house without one. If i had to carry one item of make up around with me it would most probably be powder!! I have tried many over the past few years and a favorite of mine which i used continuously was L'oreal true match powder. This was my number one holy grail powder. One problem with it though was the packaging. The amount of money i spent buying new ones as the clasp to shut it would ALWAYS break. It drove me mad!!! I decided i needed to change. After trying numerous other ones such as Mac mineralised skin finish and alternative dug store ones such as collection 2000 and Max factor I very nearly thought I'm never going to find other one I love. I can't STAND the cakey feeling of powder on my face and with these other ones i tried i would always get it and especially if i were to re apply a lot in the day. I don't have oily skin but i do tend to get a oily t zone so powder is always a must......
Then one day in boots i decided to have a look at the MyFace products. I tended to always bypass this section but there range of face powders caught my eye this time!
First of all i really liked the sleek packaging, it is a thin shape that you can easily fit into a small bag if your going out. Secondly the feel of the powder was very light and silky. It also didn't have a horrible smell which i found all the max factor ones did!
I have now been using this powder daily for about a month and i absolutely LOVE it!! It has no cakey feeling and give the face a matt, shine free look which lasts for a few hours until you need to re apply.
I recommend this product HIGHLY as i actually never thought i would like a powder as much as L'oreal....oh how i was mistaken!!

lots of love Holly xxx

A Fresh Start

Hello ladies,
Yes it had been an incredibly long time since i made a post on my blog and also since i made a video on youtube.
I have decided to start this again as i really do miss this community and sharing my loves and hates with you when it comes down to beauty, fashion and general life itself!!

The reason why i have been absent for a while is that I haven't had the easiest year. During the last few months i have been building myself back up again and getting my confidence back.
The start of last year and continuing into this year, I've had a lot of personal problems. To be completely frank with you all as I want you to understand where i have been is that I suffered with an eating disorder and was going through a really unstable and volatile relationship that in turn shattered my confidence.
I am now a completely different person to the very unhappy girl i became. I have completely turned my life back round again, I am redoing my final year of university again and to be honest with you all, picking back up, what felt like, my life in little pieces off the ground was one of the hardest things i have ever had too do.
Anyone going through anything similar to this, I know how hard it is. If it wasn't for my Mum, Dad and friends it would of been a much harder struggle but i did it.
I am in a very good place again now, I feel in control of my life, uni work and most importantly myself.
If anyone is going through anything similar please feel free to message me, i will try my best to give you my honest opinion and advise.

There was a point when i thought i would never be happy again but when things are utterly terrible, honestly things to get better with time.
I'm now in a stable relationship with one of my best friends Mo and i could not be happier, he made me realise how i should of been treated and girls, If your boyfriend doesn't make you feel like a princess he is not worth it.
I hope you will all understand why i have been gone and i hope you will all be interested in what i have to say and i actually thought it would be difficult being so honest with you all but in actual fact its not. I'm completely over that stage in my life and I feel comfortable talking about it because its in the past.

Stay tuned for a blog about a few products I'm loving right now and also stayed tuned to my youtube and there will be a new video up shortly!
Thank you so much for all staying followers. it means a lot :)

lots of love, Holly xxxxx

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Hello everyone!! really has been too long!! This however is not going to be a make up post, as some of you may already know I am currently in my final year of University studying Illustration. I have decided to make a separate blog to show you all my work and my journey through my final year. If you have the time please check it out and follow me, i would really appreciate any feed back!! i hope you enjoy reading about my other love which is drawing, Happy New Year, lots of love Holly xxx

Thursday, 9 July 2009


Hey guys, just thought i would do a very quick post of what I'm wearing today and how i have my make up as i did something slightly different. I decided to use my MAC mixing medium, so i reached for my barry m dazzle dust in number 94(a teal colour-heart this!!) and line my lower lash line to make my eye colour 'POP' (i don't like that expression!) I used my MAC 208 brush to achieve this look :) i hope you all have a lovely day lovely's!

Monday, 6 July 2009

Battle of the tinted moisturizer's

Hello my Lovely's, as you all know I am a BIG fan of TM'S. They are the staple part of my face routine everyday. I prefer TM'S to foundation as i hate the feel of anything heavy on my skin and in all honestly i don't need much cover as my skin is usually quite clear. You might think that I'm lucky but my clear skin now hasn't always been the case. I suffered with bad skin from the ages on 13-15. I didn't have acne but my face was just covered in horrible spots. Remembering how conscience i was of my skin and how i used to worry all the time makes me feel so thankful that i have good skin now! When my skin was bad, you named it, i tried EVERY possible spot fighting lotion and potion, i even used to used special spot cream that i got perscribed from my doctor. To be honest i think my bad skin was down to puberty and my body changing. My skin has been the way it is now for about 3 years. I still do get the odd spot when it's 'the time of the month' but other than that i just really want a nice light coverage for my skin. I do however suffer from backheads. They are gross full stop so i do like to cover them up so thats where TM comes in handy. As you also all know the Laura Merrcier TM is what i have been banging on about for the last few months. Yes the Lm in my opinion is brilliant. It does exactatly what i want it too do but if i had bad skin or skin that i wasnt completely confident with i dont think i would love it as much. In my opinion the only downside to this 'wonder' product is the rather heafty price tag. I am a student and i really can't afford the £35 that it costs, but i must say i have had it for about 3 months and there is still quite alot of product in it. I get the oil free one as my t-zone can get shiny. The shade i use is 'Sand'. This colour only looks its best and right on me if i use fake tan and i have been lacking on the fake tan front at the moment so its a bit too dark for me. If you are my skin colour i would definately recommend the 'Nude' which is a shade lighter to mine.
In the past 2 weeks i have been testing out two other TM to see if i can find a cheaper alternative. The first one i got was the 'Nivea visage tinted moisturising day cream' It costs around £3.50 and you can get it from Boots or superdrug.The colour is 'natural' and it claims to suit 'all skin types. This is where i disagree. From the pictures i have put up, it is the middle shade on my hand. It has a kind of pinky tinge to it but when its blended onto the face it looks alot more natural. Against the LM, the nivea looks more cakey on the skin but the LM gives a better coverage. To be honest though, for £3.50 you cant really go wrong if you want to try a tinted mouisturizer. I used it for 2 days of work that i did and it lasted the whole day. The last product I'm going to talk about is a new favourite. I have always been interested in trying it out so i got a sample and i have been using it all week. The product is 'Benefit's you rebel' in the shade 'light'. I heart this product. It costs about £20 and has an spf of 15(LM is spf 20 and the nivea one has NO spf) This gives a REALLY light coverage, virtually none BUT it gives your skin just a really lovely healthy glow and it really does feel like you have nothing on your skin. It also has a nice smell and from the pictures you will see the colour difference and texture it has to the other to products. The LM and the nivea have a more thicker, foundation like look to them, where as the Benefit looks more whipped and light. Out of the three i would say the Lm is best if you want a better coverage and even though its expensive i honestly cant fault it and because i like it that much I'm trying to ignor the price tag! If you just want a light, healthy looking glow i would REALLY recommend the Benefit one, it's a lovely product! If you are just starting out with TM'S i would recommend trying the nivea one, and if you need an oil free version try the nives 'young' TM. I hope you all found this helpful-each one of these products are good whatever budget you have!
Lots of love xoxo