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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sunday blues...

Today my mum dropped me back at uni, i feel all sad now as i really didnt want to come back, but oh well-theres not a lot i can do! One good thing is that i got my loan today-yey i can feel rich again for 2 seconds until i realise all the money thats going to come out on rent and bills-bad times!! So this means that tomorrow i can do a tiny bit of treating :) I ordered a back up of MAC 'moon river' online the other day as i literally could not like a blush more than i like this one, i must say though i really have my eye on getting NARS 'deep throat', its a gorgeous colour!! Another happy thing is that i can see my boyfriend again-YEY! i havnt really seen him for the last two weeks so is nice being back in his company :)
Also im desperate to get a new perfume, my one is nearly up (juicy couture's) and  i really like the smell of MARC JACOBS 'daisy' and i also like PAUL SMITHS 'rose'-which i have had before!!!

Products I'm loving today:
MAC mineralized skin finish 'perfect topping'-its soooo pretty i can't stop looking at it!
MAC mineralized skin finish natural 'medium'-what the hell did i do without this!!!!
THE BODY SHOP we we we/oui oui oui lip butter-i want to eat it :)
My flower clips from ACCESSORIZE

I hope you have all had a good day, i definately be doing a blog tomorrow on what i get in town, wooooo xoxo 


  1. aw i'm sorry you're back at school :( but that's good you get to see your bf! when i was at MAC the other day i was debating between getting the mineralized skin finish in "perfect topping" or "refined". i've heard good things about both so i don't know what i'm going to do! haha and you really, really, really need to get "deep throat" i tried it on the other day and i absolutely LOVE it! let me know as soon as you get it :)

  2. I'm the same with my loan...I'm out of my overdraft for about a day, and then it all vanishes! I'm actually think this time I won't have any left after I pay rent and all the money back that I owe my boyfriend! :o

  3. Heey, Just found your blog and your super pretty and lovely! I will be an avvid follower from now on. :) x

  4. Haha, I'm the same about the loan! My bank balance looks great at the moment, but lets wait till bills come out!
    I love Daisy, it's such a gorgeous scent, since I've bought it I've forgotten about all my other perfumes! Definitely get it, you'll forget all about the £40 tag once you have it home.
    xo V

  5. Hi there, have just found you blog and am really enjoying it! I love the MSF Naturals as well, I just finished mine :(
    ♥ Stef

  6. Marc Jacobs Daisy = best perfume ever

  7. hey hun just found ur blog so im following! we seem to have so much in common haha because my last perfume was paul - rose and i am now using marc jacobs daisy! =S

    I really need to get moon river =)

  8. i love marc jacobs daisy!! mmmm!! xx

  9. Mmm, I prefer paul rose to mac jacobs anyday sweetie! Anyway, I've just started to follow your blog - it would mean a lot to me if you could check mine out, much love XOXO

  10. Hey sweetie...just found your YT and blog, you're such a natural at the videos, love watching them :)

    Don't feel too sad about being back to Uni, I ALWAYS used to feel like that, but surround yourself with happy things and try and stay positive :) It's what got me through!

    x x x