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Friday, 1 May 2009

hello my gorgeous followers :D hehe

OHMYGOD i just wanted to say how sorry i am for not updating this blog in what seems like years...tut tut holly!!! To begin with i want to say a maaaaaaassive thank you to all my new 'followers'- its so sweet of you and it makes me feel so good that people have taken an interest in what i have to say :D secondly the reason there has been no video action on my yt account is because in on holiday ROME!!! my dad lives out here so i've come over to see him for a few days, is lovely being relaxed for the first time in what seems like forevs! ALSO his gf got me this Sephora make up palette which is LOVEEEELY and im going to show you all on my yt tomorrow as im going shopping so there will hopefully be some other bits to share with you :D I just wanted to say that it was so nice coming on here and reading the lovely comments people have left, thank you everyone!!! I hope you are all having a nice bank holiday w/e-im off now to have some lovely Italian food made by my dad -love you all lots xoxo


  1. You lucky thing being in Rome eating yummy italian food!!

    Love the palette too :)

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Love your blog! I am so jealous that you are in rome!!! Come stop by my blog and say hello!
    x belle

  3. Ooo that looks exciting. Glad you're back now, you'll have to do some looks with this pallet. x