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Friday, 26 June 2009

My top 5 tear jerker's :'(

After reading Daisy's new post(cupcakes and cherries) i decided to share my top 5 'films that make me hysterical'! Like her 'The Notebook" is in my five, i literally cant watch that film without bursting into tears about how beautiful the love they have for each other is!
So my number 1 is:
'The Notebook"

My number 2 is:
"A walk to Remember"
This film is too sad, basically Mandy Moore plays this girl who is dying and she is the nerd of the school. The guy in it is the 'cool' guy at school and makes fun out of her but then they fall in love(the usual American story!) and she then dies. Again i am hysterical in this film!

My number 3 is:
"Once apon a forest"
I have only watched this film once as i cryed wayyyy to much! I watched it when i was younger and its basically about all these little animals who loose there mummys and daddys because a truck crashes into the forest and lets off poisonous gas. Sounds horrible doesnt it, and it really is so i wouldnt recommend watching it!

My number 4 is:
"My Girl"
I loveeee this film, even though it makes me cry it was ALWAYS a favorite when i was growing up. I would definately recommend watching this if you havnt :)

Finally my number 5 is a disney one....again this film is too sad for me and i cant watch it!
"The fox and the hound"
This film is soooooo sad, its about a fox and a hound and they want to be best friends but they cant and eventually have to fight each other. When my Mummy left my Daddy in charge for the first time one w/e when i was little he put this on thinking i would enjoy it. Minutes later he came back in as i was hysterically crying and had to spend the rest of the evening calming me down!

So what are your top 5 tear jerker's?



  1. Omg! MY girl!! Thats one of my favourite films & has been for like 10 years (im sad i know) but its SO sweet. I think i know all the words..haha. And that deffo makes me cry. :( My Girl 2 was a bit pants though. Have you seen that? I've never seen a walk to remember. I'll have to get it. Love love love ♥ xxxxx

  2. Oh I totally forgot about My Girl! I cry so much when she's at the funeral and she's trying to wake him up. Oh god, the tears!

  3. oh god i know, its awful :( and he dies trying to get her ring back for her.....wahhhhh :'( yer i have seen my girl 2, it was ok but it will never beat the first :) love you tooooo xxxxxxxx

  4. I cried my heard out at the fox and the hound whn the wee old lady takes the fox to the woods...

    Something about animals and old people get me everytime! Damn! xx

  5. Ohhhh I LOVE My Girl <3 I thought I was her when I was 11.. lol. Cut my hair like her and hung out in trees and on bikes for a few months!

    I watched it again recently and cried so much :(

    Great list Holly!!

  6. MY GIRL!!! I was obsessed with this wen I was little.

    Erm I did not realise that is what A Walk To Remember is about...I am taking that off my wishlist because I know I will cry too much!!!

  7. Ohmigod Holly if I did this post I would probably end up listing every single movie I've ever watched...LOL!!! I cry no matter what movie it is!! I might do it though and just pick 5, this is fun! :) You picked really good ones!!! xoxo Anna

  8. Anna I'm with you anything makes me cry!
    Hey Holly I have nominated you for a award - fab blog x

  9. I love love love A Walk To Remember. It's soooo cheesy but so good. Doesn't hurt that the lead actor is HOT too!

  10. I love them films, i've never seen my girl though but i think i may have too i have herd alot about it!

    Ohh am new to doing this beauty blogging stuff.
    i mentioned you in my first blog (Y)

    I have no follows as of yet :( poor me
    people follow please :)

    muchies love xoxo

  11. I REMEMBER once upon a forest! that film was so sad, it really made me cry when i was litttle:(
    scary stufff xx

  12. OMG i love a walk to remember, i cry everytime!


    its so sad!
    Elif x

  13. omg, holly, once upon a forest is the saddest movie i have EVER seen! i could never remember the name of it, but when you saw the little skunk family in the forest...omg, i cried for days! i think i only saw it once too because it was all too heartbreaking :( xx

  14. Oh my goodness! I so need to go and watch My Girl again! x


  16. I cried watching Fox & the Hound and my friends laugh at me for that. It IS so sad!