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Friday, 26 November 2010

A Fresh Start

Hello ladies,
Yes it had been an incredibly long time since i made a post on my blog and also since i made a video on youtube.
I have decided to start this again as i really do miss this community and sharing my loves and hates with you when it comes down to beauty, fashion and general life itself!!

The reason why i have been absent for a while is that I haven't had the easiest year. During the last few months i have been building myself back up again and getting my confidence back.
The start of last year and continuing into this year, I've had a lot of personal problems. To be completely frank with you all as I want you to understand where i have been is that I suffered with an eating disorder and was going through a really unstable and volatile relationship that in turn shattered my confidence.
I am now a completely different person to the very unhappy girl i became. I have completely turned my life back round again, I am redoing my final year of university again and to be honest with you all, picking back up, what felt like, my life in little pieces off the ground was one of the hardest things i have ever had too do.
Anyone going through anything similar to this, I know how hard it is. If it wasn't for my Mum, Dad and friends it would of been a much harder struggle but i did it.
I am in a very good place again now, I feel in control of my life, uni work and most importantly myself.
If anyone is going through anything similar please feel free to message me, i will try my best to give you my honest opinion and advise.

There was a point when i thought i would never be happy again but when things are utterly terrible, honestly things to get better with time.
I'm now in a stable relationship with one of my best friends Mo and i could not be happier, he made me realise how i should of been treated and girls, If your boyfriend doesn't make you feel like a princess he is not worth it.
I hope you will all understand why i have been gone and i hope you will all be interested in what i have to say and i actually thought it would be difficult being so honest with you all but in actual fact its not. I'm completely over that stage in my life and I feel comfortable talking about it because its in the past.

Stay tuned for a blog about a few products I'm loving right now and also stayed tuned to my youtube and there will be a new video up shortly!
Thank you so much for all staying followers. it means a lot :)

lots of love, Holly xxxxx


  1. What an awful stage you went though in the past year, I am happy that your well and in a good relationship now and also glad that your backto blogging/youtube. can't wait to see your video and again well done for getting through that difficult time :) xx

  2. Holly so glad to see your back, I often wondered where you had been. I'm glad you are at a happier stage in your life and so awfully sorry to hear what you had been though.
    Welcome back chick xx

  3. @Lauren and @Charlotte Thank you so much for the comments girls, means a lot! I'm very happy too be back, stay tuned! :) xxx

  4. Welcome back!!! :)
    I 've missed your blog and YT!

    Glad to hear that you've managed to overcome a very difficult period in your life, you're a strong and beautiful girl that deserves to be healthy and happy! :)


  5. Aw Holly I am so sorry you've had such an awful time of it - you were one of the first you tubers I watched and your sunny personality always shone through. So pleased to hear your in a better place now and I look forward to seeing more posts and videos xxx

  6. Hi Holly, thanks for sharing this and being willing to help those who are going through the same situation. It's nice to read you're feeling happy and are being healthy again, and I'm also very sorry to read what you had to go through.
    Anyway I'm looking forward to seeing your vids and reading your posts again! xx Mariella

  7. @tina mbc @louise and @musing on beauty thankyou so much for the comments :) so many people go through horrible times and I'm glad i am out of that period now. thankyou again girls xxx

  8. Hey Holly - so sorry to hear you've had such a terrible time, but so glad to hear you're happy again! Very happy to see that you're back again and can't wait to see some more posts and video's, I have missed you xxx

  9. i am so glad you are back, i so missed your videos and blogs :) i honestly wish you all the best for your future and you can feel so proud of yourself about having overcome all these things! i went through a similar phase and i can imagine how hard it must have been for you!

  10. so sorry to hear about your horrible year, so happy your back and better now:)absolutely love your videos and blog! xxx

  11. How wonderful that you are back! I'm sorry for what you've gone through but I believe, as I'm sure you do as well, that things like this are what shape us and make us appreciate what is important :) I admire your ability to overcome the difficult!

  12. Aw Holly, i can totally relate to you on alot of this, not the eating disorder part but DEFINITELY the relationship part. It's hard to think that someone can have the ability to break you down like that and change your whole personality and it took me a loooong time to get back to my normal self afterwards. But as cheesy as it sounds when people say "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" it's totally true i really believe it. Glad you're ok now lovely xxx

  13. @love at first bite
    god i know, that saying is ridiculously true!!! i feel that what has happened has definitely made me a lot stronger, i feel i can face a lot more things now!
    thank you so much for all the supporting comments girls, it means so much :) xxx

  14. What a touching post hun. Glad you're back, very glad.

  15. Glad your back I loved your YT vids.
    I know how bad relationships can affect you my ex made me really bad =[ Glad your our the other end =]

  16. @legseleven7
    Thankyou so much hun :) i hope your good xxx

  17. I think it's so brave of you to post this Holly, I really commend you. Glad to hear things are looking up, you deserve to be happy :). Also glad that you're back as I love your videos and recently have been rewatching some of your older ones as I loved them so much. :) xo

  18. @emma awww thankyou, that was such a lovely comment!! i feel that i can talk about that stage in my life now as I'm completely over it and if anyone else was going through anything like that i can completely understand. Beauty and body image go hand in hand and sometimes when things go really bad your confidence goes to nothing which is what happened to me and im sure alot of other girls.
    stay tuned as a new video will be up really soon :)
    i really felt like i had to be honest with you guys as you have all stcuk by me as followers and i felt you all deserved the truth xxx

  19. So glad to see you're back!!! I missed you! I applaud you for the courage to be honest and I wish you all the strength and love to continue with your new start! How refreshing it must feel! I went through a similar situation in my first year of college--it's hard to admit that things aren't right, even when it seemed everyone was telling me I needed to slow down and take care of myself....Take care, Holly, you deserve it!!

  20. So lovely to see you back blogging Holly- and so sorry that you've had such a tough year. I'm so glad that you're in a good place now and sounds like you have a fantastic boyfriend.

    Looking forward to more posts/videos xxx

  21. lovely to see you back babe, have missed you bunch loads! xxxx

  22. Holly I'm very happy to see you again!
    And most of all, to see you so happy and healthy... I do not know you except for your blog and videos, but you seem so sweet and kind and for sure you deserve as happiness as possible.
    I have always thought your smile was so sweet... now it is even more!
    Take care of you Holly!

  23. So happy to see you back, just watched your new vids :) You are such a strong girl and I am so happy for you that you are in a better place! I am studying psychology and sociology at university and we learn all the time about how truly hard it is to overcome those situations, especially for women. You go! :)

  24. I'm so happy to see that you are back! Keep going girlie! Stay strong, and when you need encouragement, remember that this community is here for you! *HUGS* and Merry Christmas!!!